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Dr. Fahad Saeed is a distinguished climate scientist with over two decades of exceptional career trajectory, encompassing scientific prowess, diplomatic engagement, and passionate activism. Dr. Saeed currently is also part of the Climate Science and Impacts team at the prestigious international think-tank, Climate Analytics, working as the Regional Lead for South Asia and the Middle East. Dr. Saeed holds a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences from the renowned Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology, Germany with a focus on Regional Climate Modelling for the South Asian region. His proficiency extends to diverse areas within climate science research, including climate and hydrological modeling, big data analysis, future projections, risk and vulnerability assessment, impacts and attribution studies alongside comprehensive climate policy development.


Dr. Mariam is the co-founder of the company and holds a Ph. D. degree in High Energy Physics from Deutsches Elektron Synchrotron (DESY) at University of Hamburg, Germany. After her doctorate, she co-founded Öko-Grünes Leben e.V. in Germany, a non-profit organisation for sustainable and environment friendly living, serving as its president till 2019. Previously, she has extended her expertise as a Guest Editor for Special Issue on Science-Policy Conference on Climate Change published in Earth System and Environment. She has contributed as a science advisor at SDPI and as an academician at QAU, FAST and Air university. Currently, Dr. Mariam leads the regional efforts on the PROVIDE project, spearheading the implementation of project objectives along with stakeholder engagement in the concerned region of Upper Indus Basin.

haris mushtaq

Climate data analyst

Haris Mushtaq holds a Masters Degree in Energy Systems Engineering from National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan. He has over 5 years of professional experience working in water and climate sector. He is currently working as a climate data analyst on EU-PROVIDE (Paris Agreement Overshooting– Reversibility, Climate Impacts and Adaptation Needs) project and is also associated with Climate Analytics, an international think tank headquartered in Berlin, Germany. His prior affiliations include Global Change Impact Studies Centre (Water Resources Section), Leadership for Environment Development(LEAD) Pakistan and Oregon State University, USA.

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Research Associate

Zahid Masood is a dedicated PhD scholar in Earth Sciences associated with Zhejiang University China. Hailing from a strong educational background at Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad, His journey in the realm of academia and research has been marked by passion and excellence. His expertise is in field of Hydrological Modeling using UBC (Watershed-Model) while he has also made significant role in Climate Loss & Damage, demonstrating his profound interest of environmental challenges our world faces. Before this journey, he spent four years in the private Oil & Gas Sector, where he worked as a Geophysicist. Currently, he is serving as a Research Associate at Weather & Climate Services, where he continues to explore and contribute to the dynamic field of Climate sustainability.

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Research Associate

Khadija is a bioscientist with an avid interest in sustainable and climate smart agriculture. She has been working in the climate change sector of Pakistan for the past three year, during which she has engaged with public institutes, private organizations as well as development agencies. Currently she is working as a Research Associate on PROVIDE project while acquiring a post graduate degree in Development and Climate Change from National University of Sciences and Technology.


RESEARCH assistant

Sumayya is a bioscientist turned social climate scientist currently pursuing a post graduate degree in Development Studies and Climate Change from National University of Sciences and Technology. She has a keen interest in interdisciplinary studies encompassing the physical science of climate change, nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation, and circular economy. In the past she has worked in academia for 2 years and is currently working as a research assistant on multiple projects.
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Arafat Abdullah Rehman is an undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). He is passionate about climate change, and has a keen interest in sustainable development. As a student, his final year project idea focuses mainly on optimization of carbon removal by the use of a Photo-bioreactor (PBR). Currently, he is working as an intern at WCS and has worked on several projects.



Muhammad Zubair is a final year undergraduate student pursuing his bachelor’s degree in computer science from Quaid-e-Azam University. In the past, he did his intermediate from Government College University, Lahore where he contributed to society through volunteer work. He has a keen interest in data science and emerging technologies, with an insatiable curiosity for data exploration. This led him to join a data analyst bootcamp at IEC where he got valuable mentorship by industry led professionals. Currently, he is working as a data analyst intern at Weather and Climate Services where he is assisting the team in data analysis for ongoing projects.



Muneeb Tariq is a committed Computer Science Student pursuing a bachelor’s degree from Quaid-e-Azam University. His academic journey revolved around exploring web development and the intricate world of machine learning. His keen interests led him to undertake a variety of projects in both areas. Previously, he has done internships at InfoBytes and Software Productivity Strategies which culminated in him gaining practical experience in the fields of data science and software engineering. These experiences enabled him to witness the dynamic interplay of code and creativity. Currently, he is working as a Data Analysis Intern at WCS where he deals with climate data to extract valuable insights from complex datasets. This role seamlessly aligns with his journey, allowing him to apply these skills to any present and future practical challenges.

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Jaria Batool is a final year undergraduate at Quaid e Azam University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Jaria’s journey has been a harmonious blend of academic excellence and professional drive. Her adeptness in deciphering complex mathematical concepts had earned her a position as a math expert at Photomath that allowed her to enrich the learning experiences of fellow students by providing valuable insights.  Jaria’s interest span from web development and data science. Currently, Jaria is working as an intern at WCS and is contributing vivaciously to the web development and data science needs of the company. Jaria’s insatiable curiosity, coupled with her genuine passion for web development and data science, defines her academic and professional trajectory.



Maria has a master’s degree in Food Security from the University of Warwick, UK. Her research focused on examining the relationship between extreme weather events and food security in diverse geographical locations. She possesses a strong enthusiasm for employing interdisciplinary approaches to address challenges related to the impact of climate change across various sectors, with a particular focus on global food systems. Maria is dedicated to play her part in narrowing the gap between academia, industry, scientific research, and the general public. In her current role at WCS, she is actively involved in generating content to garner social awareness on impacts of climate change.